Out Into the World

On the surface, it was not a particularly edifying   week.  There was too much work personally and too much distress on the national and global scene.  This makes it like every other week.  Only it has not been every other week.  This week the world is inundated with birth.

I can’t think of a better time to be born.  It was during this time of year I came into the world and it is this time of year I always find myself born again.  This week I know of several who are coming into the world, born for the first of many times.  I will hear of them in  texts and water cooler talks that give me the specifics….gender, weights, and names.  I have prayed for their mothers, but being the week it is, I think especially of the fathers.  After all someone has to give them their due.  Besides they will be the ones to gloat as their wives, having done all the work, will be left in beautiful fatigue.

It is birth week.  This is the week of promise, the proclamation that life belongs to life, that no matter what we do to diminish ourselves and the other; the greater story belongs to that which is nothing short of the joy of creation itself as God says again creation is good and not only good, but very good.

This week occurs during that which is called ordinary time, but there is nothing ordinary about it.  In my mind I play out the ordinary time scenarios….holding an infant on the porch of rural Ohio or the patio of urban Chicago followed by the nights awake taking a temperature, the first taste of ice cream, and the family vacations.  How incredible that these moments are in the summer and how wonderful that the first view of this vast wonderful world should be in June for so many infant eyes.  My apologies to the fall and winter babies, but I am glad this week I share a commonality with so much new life for there is no better time to first see the world than when everything is green and the air is as warm as the womb.

As for the moms and dads, who may not have been born in June, they too will see the world anew  as they hold the evidence of the most beautiful thing humans can do.  And the rest of us, including all of those not born this wonderful month, we can see the world anew as we hold ardently in our thoughts and prayers the new life and redefined families that  makes not only June and summer days, but every minute and hour of life sacred and good.

Finally, for all the babies born in this time that is far from ordinary, but especially for that little one born in northeast Ohio, let me say welcome to your first day in June and your first summer, but mostly let me say welcome to this vast great earth, suddenly so much more beautiful now that you are among us.  Like so many others, I am glad you are here.

Image:  “A cord of three strands is not easily undone.” Ecclesiastes 4:12. Photo courtesy of flickr user Angel Shark, Creative Commons license.