I didn’t think I would but I loved the Labyrinth or at least up to a point.  No,  I love it completely if only because I can dance in solitude.

I have always dreaded parties and receptions and I think it is because it requires dance.  This is the one formality that I never have grown accustomed to.  Learning to speak came naturally after that leap of faith but to move one’s body in rhythm is a grace that I do not possess.  My great fantasy (actually I have two….the other is to be seen sleeping) is to be told that my dance does not matter  and I think in the Labyrinth that such a thing is true for God does not care about my lack of grace as His is sufficient enough.  The solemn walk takes on a quality of dance that is more like hiking in quiet forested lands and steep hillsides of the eastern half of home state.


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