Good news in the markets today, but do the Europeans have the guts to do what it takes?  This tempered the reading I did earlier today, an article on sexuality with some words by Rollo May.  What does this have to do with the markets?  Everything.

In the sexual statement there was the lament that society is crushing families.  It is true.  We live in a country where liberals assail the social values of families and conservatives the economic ones.  We have become a society that is sexualized without relationship we have become taxpayers instead of citizens.  Because you have to draw against the strands of two entrenched parties to get a consistent ethic, we have no one that represents those values held by the majority of people.  We have in short become a people, who in our elections, must choose between proper charity and inappropriate eros or an appropriate eros and inappropriate charity.

And it is not just America.  Twilight is falling on the western world and Islam may bury us.  Maybe Paul Kennedy is right.  Maybe every great power fails.

I think we are seeing a one term president who I feel will be replaced by another one term president.  We will oscillate back and forth between those who ignore the poor and those who ignore the moral compass.  When this eventually becomes untenable we will have to decide if America is to be preserved at all and if so how it will be done.

And I want so much for America to survive.  Ten generations of my family have made this home.  We have bled for it and believed in it.  And now we have dominant parties that are anything but American.

And still when I hear the foreign assail her I am angry.  When her people question her and I do this often myself, I am hurt and quick to say that liberty will always have the day.  But when will we provide care for all, stop slaughtering our unborn, provide work for all who desire it, stop giving handouts to those who do not value labor, and make our wars righteous.

And I know there is no perfect nation.  And I know God blesses all people.  But we are America.  We are different.  We should be better.

Religious violence, leave it to Ireland and Iraq.  Ethnic conflict, leave it to the nations of Africa.  The disregard of liberty can be given over to the Chinese and corruption to central America.  We are not perfect, we have been a slaughter bench in history, but if we do not make it, what hope is there for the world?

Tired now and a little earlier than normal, but I had been energetic most of the day and more so than usual.  I saw a lot accomplished, good considering I will miss two days of work next week.  I have also been in a pretty stable place in the last few days and this helps me.  I usually run hot or cold, a similarity I think I have with those closest to me.

Little in the way of reading or writing of late.

I can be hurt by righteous action but more so by the unrighteous.

Where is the sweet intoxication?  Listened to “Mad About You” a favorite song where sacred meets desire.



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