In the day’s sermon we were told to remove the insert and look at a photo.  It was the sun coming up over the mountains in Winter Park Colorado.  A skiing town along route 40 in the Arapaho, I had seen the town in the fading light of an August day.  Pastor had taken the photo after rising early from a cabin he shared with 17 people and two dogs.

His words were ethereal and appropriate.  He talked about the play of light over the mountains being a gift.  God, he told us, was a homemaker who had made a beautiful home for His children.  And just brief hours earlier I learned that there will be in this world another child of God and he or she will have a beautiful home made by God within the larger and beautiful home also made by God.

The lessons today were about light. And that light is given to us in the good creation and the presence of one another.  It is the light that is there because Christ came into the world and because He came into the world, we are now Him to one another.

Lutherans are very fond of “the little church within the church. When referring to our homes”  I think then our homes must also be little homes within our home.  As the family gathered around the creche or Advent wreath mimics the larger church, then the family outdoors or in the embrace of one another mimics the love of the good creation that all people are called to share.




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