I must say first it has been a good day, though the weather was more seasonable for this time of year.  I have come to enjoy the seventy and sunny a little too much.  Of course it promises to be in the eighties on Palm Sunday.

I have read through some early journal about the hate that descended on our city during 1999.  During this time my neighborhood saw six members of the orthodox Jewish community shot by a white supremacist.   Fortunately all of these lived. Others were not so lucky.

And I thought of the song by U2 and wondered why it is so hard to build a life, a life together, or a community only to tear it down within minutes or even seconds.  It is true that often this is necessary, but probably not most of the time.  And when it comes to taking a life, the necessity is rare indeed.

October Baby opened this week in Chicago and while Hunger Games is ruling the box office, I have thought I would see this film instead.  The reviews have not been all that good, even though many who have reviewed it poorly have admitted a great poignancy to the film.  Certainly it takes a stand.  And no matter what side of the debate one stands on, it is always sad to say goodbye.

Is it so difficult to affirm life and admit meaning?  Why is it so hard to create the person and so easy to say good bye?