It is Tuesday of Holy Week.  On Palm Sunday I typed a reflection and deleted it.  I went with something much simpler…..a reflection on the cross and baptism.  It seemed appropriate.  I cannot add anything to the story anyway.  It plays itself out in a way too real.  I was foolish to try.

Yes it is Tuesday in Holy Week and we are between days.  Palm Sunday has come and gone.  The triumphant entry into the city is about to meet the reality of the cross.  This is harsh news.  Very soon we will be in the Three Days.  Starting Thursday night until the early hours of Sunday….there is real time.  Our Savior goes from a meal with his friends to betrayal to death to cold tomb and then….

Then there is the time for which we cannot wait.  How wonderful will be the day when we say to all that is not meant to be, you have lost.  But now between days.  Soon it will be Wednesday and one day closer to the that meal and that betrayal, to the harsh and brutal reality of nail piercing flesh.  We know what happens.  We have heard the story all our lives.

Tonight I read a very potent reflection from Pastor Bolz-Weber.  She warns us about going to quickly from Hosanna to A….!     She is right, but who can wait?  And it is only Tuesday.  We have not even come to the meal or the betrayal or the death causing and life giving tree and the frigid tomb.  We are between days.  We want to rush through the horrible bad parts….the parts that indite us, even as they save us.  But now in between days.

One of the problems (and joys) of Christianity is that it is a very positive religion.  There is all this salvation and goodness.  When taken seriously it makes for good and positive people.  How unfortunate it is not taken more seriously!

But now in between days and real time.  I cannot say anything to make more potent the story.  In fact my words would only be to diminish it.  I was with the crowd that waved their branches.  Very soon I will be among those that said, “Crucify Him.”  I want to get it over with.    But is it too much to ask that I now travel  that same path with millions upon millions of others who too must want to get through the horrible bad parts of the story? After all,  He did not escape giving up everything for me, for us.  Is it too much to ask that I or anyone spend a little time to reflect on this? Is it too much to ask that any of us participate, even in a small way, with the very bad that leads to the very good?

Soon Thursday and then Friday.  Bad things happen, though we call the days good.  Now between days, but not really.  Now is one more day to be reverent and to know that soon the drama unfolds and the history of salvation enacted again.  Now is one more day to reflect, to prepare for the inevitable cross.  One more day to prepare for sadness and a finality that we really know is no finality at all.  One more day to ask again about the price of our salvation before that great joy, which is measured not in days but eternity.


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