I read only a little from Love Letters From Cell 92.  For a little while I glorified the solitude and martyrdom of Bonhoeffer, but then I realized he would have gladly given it up.    He did not write all those things about community for a world without the Church.  He did  not write all that sweet prose for a life without marriage.  He gladly accepted a martyr’s death but it is the cup he would have let pass if he could.  He is gone, but what has the world been left in return?  It is not the world for which he died.When Bonhoeffer returned to Germany from America, he sought the German church should learn from the community he saw in the Baptist churches of Harlem.  When he proposed to Maria, he wanted a world that would see children and the union of two families.

I read posts from others and articles online.  I read of the spiritual, but not religious who have no need for the Church.  I read of the over sexualized,  but unromantic not given to marriage and family.  And such things are little more than cowardice, for it is always easier to tend to yourself and ignore the other.  It is easier to be alone than in community.  These are things Bonhoeffer would have never claimed.

How often we praise martyrs.  How little do we think of the world they would have us inhabit.