And God looked at all He had made and it was very good.”  Genesis 1:31

On Advent I, I sat behind the communion rail and looked at a picture.  I was asked to do so.  It showed the interplay of light and landscape and I listened as Pastor talked about God the artist and homemaker.   Now months after the fact, it brings to mind the story of creation.

We don’t think too much of it.  It is a story and not even a story we speak of in a literal sense.  It has no great morality attached to it.  It has no law or exposition.  It does not include a hero or a great battle.  When you think of it, it is really quite simple.  God makes things.  He makes rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, the stars, sun, and moon.  He says they are good and then he makes creatures.  He puts them in the land of his precious rivers, lakes, forests and mountains with the stars, the sun, and the moon overhead.  He gives to these food and tells them to play.

God then makes a creature like Him.  He sees that the creature is alone and He makes him a friend.  And it is all very good.

God is lenient.  He gives his most beautiful creatures one little rule in return for the garden.  They cannot even abide by this though.   We can say God should have placed no limits on his creatures at all, but it was one little thing, one small act of discipline, which was only fair for even Eden needed discipline.  But his beautiful creatures made in His image could not even keep to one little act of discipline.

So God sent them away.  But even in this, God was merciful.  What was their punishment?  They should labor.  How peculiar that a punishment should also bring dignity for that is what labor is.  There would also be pain in childbirth, but how peculiar the creature should have even been allowed to retain the act of love and the blessings of family.  God could not even bring himself to discipline his creatures without a very great mercy.

Yes God is an artist and a homemaker.  He is one in the”best sense of the word.”  God could give us the garden and when we refused it, He still allowed us the wonderful world with the rivers, lakes, forests, and mountains with the stars, the sun, and the moon overhead.  And if this were not enough, He gave us so much more.

He gave us Easter.


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