I have found an occasion to listen again to “The Joshua Tree” and I have picked up a book on the western landscape.  In both cases there is the tale of a journey through geography and the mythic image of coming to the high places only after considerable time on the plains.   To listen to this album and to read this book are of interest to me because after more than a decade I am again on the plains with the feeling I am travelling from one place to another caught now in the wide open expanse of an in between place.  I have written of it in my June 9th passage in my Cahiers, where I ponder if I go out into the vast expanse with what I do not know ahead of me or if I find my way to a place I know can be home if only I open up to it.II.Travelling the plains is an awkward place, but it is also the common geography of my dreams and it is that place I am most comfortable in for there I can look around and see no line on the horizon.  I can know there is something there in every direction, but that they are still far enough away as not to be seen.  Over the summer I  think I will stay in this empty geography and not really do anything about it other than think.  I will not refuse guidance if it is offered to me, but I will not seek it either.  At some point you just let things happen and be content that in time you find the direction in which you should go.