The city stands at a hundred degrees for the first time in seven years and the cicadas can be heard everywhere.  It brings to mind the sand hornets which gave Thome Avenue a small look of intimidation last year, though unless you are a cicada, they are a remarkably passive creature.  I wonder if they will nest in our yards again this year.  The weather should certainly be to their liking.  It is not only hot but dry.  The lawns could pass for the Badlands.

It does promise to be a different kind of summer.  We are talking about the heat being an ongoing matter this year and this always brings to mind our killing summer of 1995.  Still it could be worse.  Parts of the West are burning to the ground.  As the nation takes a reprieve from the wildfires to hear of news on the Supreme Court decision to uphold the healthcare law, I am still transfixed by these conflagrations.

Last year was no brutal summer.   It was a summer of pleasant heat with only enough discomfort to make you know that it will one day be remembered as a nostalgic season.  It was a summer suited for walks, the pleasantries of travel, days on the beach, iced coffee, and dining outdoors.  This year we are told it may be much different…..heat advisories and muck sweat.  If the sand hornets return, though there will be a reminder of a previous summer and its pleasantness, even if these cicada killers are of themselves rather nasty looking little things.

No matter what the season brings, it will have its rewards.  Never mind the heat; one gets much more of the brutal cold in this part of the world.  In any given summer, our city is the most exciting place in the world and travelling downtown today I saw thousands throwing caution to the wind and seemingly undisturbed by the triple digit heat as they turned our beaches into Edens.  And with this I realize, that though it is only a week old, this summer promises to be for many their summer of nostalgia.   It will have its hot days filled with abandon and its long warm nights filled with stars.  And who knows?  Maybe it will even have sand hornets.



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