The city is cool tonight and I think we may have had our first totally cloudy day in this summer of drought.  Already the night is getting longer and though we are in August, I know August can end too soon and the hot and lovely days of summer will soon be given over to the fall.

There is nothing like the summer!  It is true the same can be said of other seasons, but it is the summer (and a little of spring and fall) where I feel most alive, when for something like a hundred days I am like someone half my age.  And I keep reminding myself we are still in that time of year when the days have no end, but tonight the cloud cover and cooler temperatures remind me this is not true.  Just today A. asked if I was going to Family Fest and I said I did not know.  I was challenged with a “you better make up your mind, it is only a month away.”  I did not think on that, but she is right.  And of course with Family Fest comes my introduction to the Autumn.  Then there was also the priest last Sunday reminding the congregation that summer is fading fast and his edict was to enjoy the day.  And today the banter with a friend about how ND and OSU will do in the football season, another reminder of the fall.

The Autumn is approaching fast.  Very soon the season of the brightly burning sun will give way to harvest and Thanksgiving with the congregation singing “For the Fruit of All Creation.”

It is cool and the temperate  feels nice, but what I would not give for another scorching day.  Soon and very soon, the events that create memories of sweltering hikes and days wandering the city streets will give way to the likes of apple picking and looking at trees turned every imaginable color.

I think I will be at the Fest this year.  I am most.  It will be my reminder it is Autumn just as the Popcorn Festival was in my teenage years when I felt no need to be reborn every year to a more youthful self.

And the autumn is not so bad.  It too has afforded me its memories.  It is, after all, the season of hearth and home.  But it is also the time of going away and the precursor of cold winter, which is also not so bad.  Not so bad, but what I would not give for another brilliant sun filled summer day!