Stars live in our imaginations….symbol of the ancient faith of Judaism, found on flags to symbolize states and ideas, and the name given to big time athletes, rock artists and actors.  We use them to find our way and even wish upon them.

On January 6, 2013 nearing 11:00a.m, another star appeared.  It was carried by one of the smaller angels and took up its spot above Jesus swinging so low and wildly that one had to be concerned for Mary whose head was just a couple of inches from its lowest point.  If you are a churchgoer that story makes sense.  You probably have a similar story, though yours may be from Christmas Eve and hopefully left the Mother of Jesus in less peril.  (For the record, the star was fabric and could have done little in the way of harm even if it came crashing down on the holy family.)

We know the story well.  Hovering low to the earth, the star guided the Wise Men to Bethlehem.  Actually it was not really very good at being a star.  It danced and could not stay in place as it voyaged from the deserts of Iran to a small town in Judea.   It is however even with its flaw, the Bible’s obvious star.  It is not the only one, however.  For it is really just the star that brings us to the Star.  In Revelations Jesus is called the Morning Star and in today’s message, He was called the North Star.  Both are appropriate, for the Morning Star promises the light of day and the North Star is always steadfast.

One could hardly say such things about our star today.   She was probably still in bed when light broke over Chicago and like all people she is perhaps not very good at being steadfast.  Fortunately she and the rest of us need not be these things for you and I do not have to be the announcer of morning or the polar constant; we just have to be the Star of Bethlehem.

Our call is this:  to dance and sing as we announce a marvelous thing.  It is also our call to be the light upon others.   Today the Church celebrates a star.  For us it was a piece of fabric held by a small child.  But it was also that thing that was above the infant Jesus announcing Christmas and that God had found it in Himself to be in the world of people.  As Christians we too must announce Christmas and we must be that light that illumines Christ and lead those who seek Him. How joyous a call to be a star!