It was a week where I managed to tank one very great friendship for the foreseeable future and left being very apologetic to preserve another good friendship.  It was also a week of more work than time.  I obsessed on my lack of travel and that my life had little in the way of adventure.  I often woke up tired and lamented that there was no endpoint to the projects I found myself in.  But in some ways it was a good week.  I started to pull away from the pity produced by much of the summer and today I was able to make it out into the neighborhood, where I was afforded that which is always among the greatest graces I know.

The sun rose today.  That is not a metaphor; I mean it came up bright and hot with no cloud cover and as bright as it has been all summer.  It is supposed to be 95 today.  Some will complain incessantly about this, much as I do the cold.  I feel a little sorrow for them, but in my selfish way I think, “allow me to have this.”

There is nothing like the sun.  The bright orb has defined my most wonderful days and whenever I see it this bright, it reminds of the best things.

I wish I could recall all the sunny days.  I am fortunate that there have been many.  In my pragmatic fashion I like to make lists.  They are most personal and concern good things.  They also serve the practical purpose of helping me to recall what is right in life when I am inclined to see the wrong and perhaps one day help me to recall those things if I am unable to recall on my own.

I don’t think I could make a list long enough for all the bright days, though.  I recalled many today and thought I should reflect on one, but I could not make a choice.  Besides Grafenstein, the Rockies, northeast Kentucky, Amador, the Great Plains, and the lakes of Wisconsin are all in these pages anyhow and I thought I wanted to recall something not previously reflected on.  I came up with a couple of ideas, but I don’t think I am going to write them down.  After all, recollection is only a means to recapture Eden and its play rather than to live in or find Eden.  I will write of these things another day.  Today is the day to know the bright blessed reality of life even though the Garden is not apparent. It may not be a day of days, but it is one that belongs to the good earth and the brightest of stars.

Image: Sunlight over wheat fields, Creative Commons license by JosivBG