Lucinda Williams ensures me the perfect season can be had even in winter.  She makes it dependent on a kiss and though I am unsure a kiss can make anything other than a moment perfect, it can go a long way to making every moment of the day better and every better day can bring us to a season or a year that is unlike any other.

When I lamented this summer, it was because it seemed disjointed from the narrative of my life.  For starters the little things got to me.  They took a wrecking ball to the Purple Hotel, which was okay because it was nothing but trouble, but still I am losing the building my children would laugh at.  They decided the whimsical and Seuss like Prentice had to come down.  On a small level that was okay too, because I did not care for the architecture, but still it was the cradle of Chicago and the decision made me sad.  Then the farmers market at St. Greg’s decided not to renew a license this summer and finally word came the Ann Sathers on Clark would close.  These were harder to take, but they are only little things, though they are little things that point to big things. A kiss is only a little thing, but Lucinda Williams tells us a kiss can make an enitre year perfect.

Very soon I will have that last heart attack inducing cinnamon roll, maybe I can grab one on St. Lucy Day; that would be very appropriate.  I will also listen to those who tell me the same cinnamon rolls can be had elsewhere.  Ann Sathers is only closing one location after all and they have opened up a new café only minutes from Clark.  Still it will not be the same, for Clark Street has a story.

The thing is a kiss can disappear and so can a child’s laughter.  Many perfect moments fade to memory, but at least we will have the physical markers to remind us of the story.  That is until those disappear as well.

We need a sustained narrative in our lives.  We need our story with perfect moments, days, seasons, and years.  We need the little moments that become whole seasons and we need the places that remind us of where the moments occur.  Two things can happen with this.  We can become dependent on the place, a thing we have no control over or we can make the moment count for more than a moment.  We can make laughter and kisses like the earth, the stars, the seas, the mountains, and the skies….those things, that unlike the places, we can never tear down.