“After the flood, all the colors came out.”  from “Beautiful Day” lyrics by Paul Hewsen

The pictures from the Front Range are harrowing. The torrent has wiped Route 34 from the map. It has done the same to other roads and very soon the peaks there will be as cold as they can be.

Yet last Saturday, I sit at a memorial and hear how merciful water can be and I think Father is right.  He talks of our Holy Mother and her image.  He speaks of the grotto where she stands with its gentle flood and promises that my friend is in the place where the river always stays in its course and destroys none of the roads that lead to the heavenly city or the mountain where she now dances….a peak as beautiful as any on earth, though warm at its summit.

It is difficult to believe there can be a place as beautiful as the gardens and mountains of earth.  It is hard to know that there in that place is a river which never rages, but only feeds the twelve fruits of the tree of life.  Yet now my friend knows this place and here she dances, though she could never dance on earth.

It is autumn and the colors will soon come out.  Along the Big Thompson, the flood has seized its rage and soon the aspens will paint the peaks yellow.  I think there must be aspens where she is too.  I think with the oaks, pines, poplars, ginkgoes and elms they keep company with the tree of life.  The river which waters the trees there must always be gentle.  And the rains that fall on the peaks and river and over the New Jerusalem, a city that is truly in a Garden, must be gentle as well.

We have already felt this rain and we have bathed in its water.  It has washed us clean in the flood of His mercy as it was poured over our heads or when we were immersed in its pools.  And we have drank the same holy water mixed with the blood that flowed from His pierced side in a torrent of the same mercy.

Very soon the waters of the earth will recede and give new life to the trees, which in assuming an array of color promise us that though we have a beautiful home here, we are promised one more beautiful still.


Image:  Sarah Gilbert, CC License