When I write of an eternal summer, it is more a matter of time and memory. I stretch summer from the first sweat inducing days of spring to a point in mid fall when it is obvious the chill is here to stay. It makes for a long season, but one that is hardly eternal. Everyone knows days at the beach and time spent at the dairy cheer are ephemeral things. This summer was no different….though the words eternal summer are not misplaced to describe it.

Though I would not call the summer eternal for myself; it proved different for many I know. For friends, there was an engagement, a baby, a marriage, time abroad, finding a home, coming home, and finally being out of harms way. These are eternal things, memorable things never to be forgotten. I hope the stories attached to these continue for a very long time.

But now the summer is ready to admit its retreat. It has a few days left in the tank, but it is time to build bonfires and watch the leaves turn. It is time for hot drinks and pumpkin flavored everything. It is autumn after all….a time to come home and remember the stories of an eternity created from the ephemeral warm days of a season called summer.

I miss the summer, but I know it continues even past the few days it has left which I’ve borrowed from autumn. As I’ve hinted, there are new stories for the fall born
in the summer. There is a little mouth to taste the first pureed apples of autumn and a man I know returned from the heat of the mid-Eastern desert who will welcome the chill of the Illinois nights in the arms of hearth and home. These great autumn stories began in the summer.

Not every story of summer was good this year, though most of those I know were. Suffice it to say the summer also saw grief, though grief is a thing I more than hope and almost entirely believe brings us to the eternal.

Now I begin to think of autumn stories and the new memories to be created at this time and think it is not so bad the summer ends. Many autumn stories began in the summer. And there will be another summer next year. It too will be ephemeral, but made up with the stories that will make for eternal memory lending itself to the beauty of seasons and years to come.